U.S. Science & Technology has strategic alliances with key entities possessing the technology and proprietary knowledge necessary for rapid penetration and development of USST’s innovative plasma gasification facilities. All corporate alliance partners share USST’s vision in developing sustainable waste-to-energy projects in the United States and internationally. USST takes responsibility for building, owning, operating, and managing waste-to-energy facilities.

Alter Nrg Logo AlterNRG is pursuing alternative energy solutions to meet the growing demand for environmentally responsible energy in world markets. The company's vision is to become a North American leader in the development of innovative gasification projects for commercial energy production. The company's objective for the next decade is to utilize our commercially proven plasma gasification technology to become a senior energy producer of hydrogen, syngas, transportation fuels (diesel, naphtha, ethanol, etc.), steam and electricity, all of which are fundamental products for the world's growing energy needs. For more information, visit www.alternrg.com.
Westinghouse Plasma Logo Relying on more than 30 years of experience in the application of plasma technology, Westinghouse Plasma Corporation (WPC) is focused on applying innovative plasma applications for environmentally responsible energy production, waste processing and metallurgical and chemical processing solutions. WPC’s experience, including over 24 patents relating to the plasma torch, plasma torch systems and process design, allows them to meet the needs of both research and development for industrial applications in various markets. WPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alter Nrg, a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange. For more information, visit www.westinghouse-plasma.com.
ERM Logo Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is one of the world's leading providers of environmental and related consulting services. With over 135 offices in more than 40 countries, employing over 3,000 staff, last year ERM worked for around 50 percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies in over 160 different countries. For more information, visit www.erm.com.
GTRI Logo The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is a nonprofit applied research organization that operates as part of the Georgia Institute of Technology, a top-ranked academic and research university located in Atlanta, Georgia. GTRI conducts world class research, delivering leading edge, real-world solutions and training to industry and government organizations in Georgia, across the nation and throughout the world. GTRI's research activities are conducted in eight laboratories which have focused technical missions linked by coordinated program thrusts. GTRI has established an international reputation for excellence in the areas of full-spectrum sensing, systems engineering and test and evaluation, as well as health, energy and environmental systems. For more information, visit www.gtri.gatech.edu.
CIMC Logo The California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc. was formally created in 1978 under the state law as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of working for the social welfare, educational and economic advancement of its member tribes, groups, organizations and Indians and other Native Americans living in its service area. The membership of the Consortium includes federally recognized American Indian tribes, reservations, rancherias, bands, colonies, terminated rancherias, American Indian groups, entities, and organizations (public or private non-profit). The primary purpose of the Consortium is to offer training, employment, and other activities designed to meet the employment and training needs of the client population. For more information, visit www.cimcinc.org.
Technikon Logo Technikon is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in fast turnaround, complex geometry metal castings. Technikon has developed methods and equipment to measure specific Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in complex mixtures. No other emission testing organization has this experience or complete capabilities. For more information, visit www.technikonllc.com.
OMA Logo OMA LLC, a consortium of three Northern California-based companies, provides structural engineering, design, and construction expertise. Comitted to ecologically-friendly construction, Otto Construction creates award-winning multimillion-dollar facilities throughout Northern California. Miyamoto International, one of the largest and fastest growing structural engineering firms in California, consistently delivers cost effective innovation. Armour Steel Company Incorporated holds twenty years of experience in the steel erection industry and delivers unprecendented expertise.