The power generation section of the facility is based on a conventional combined-cycle power plant. Typically fueled with natural gas, they are some of the cleanest and most efficient power plants in existence. Our facility would be fueled primarily with clean synthesis gas or "syngas." The fuel gas is used in a gas turbine, where the expanding gases spin the turbine and power an electric generator. The hot exhaust from the gas turbine is directed to a steam generator, which produces steam that drives a steam turbine and another electric generator. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) would also be used to remove any nitrogen oxides (NOx, or smog).

Our facilities can generate enough electricity at one facility to nearly power 40,000 homes. We estimate that of the electricity/energy created through the process, 20% will be used for self-sustenance and 80% can be sold to a local grid as green energy.

Some of the heat from the gases can be used to convert water into steam, which can be used to generate electricity through steam turbines. This will reduce greenhouse gases as well and help prevent acid rain, while producing thousands of barrels of natural gas and MegaWatt-hours of electricity. Electric power can be generated using a conventional combined cycle (steam turbine, gas turbine) power plant or by using Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) that are fueled by carbon monoxide and/or hydrogen.

Implementing technologies that utilize renewable resources such as waste to produce energy, without depleting earth’s limited resources, can lead us into a new era of environmental responsibility and true energy independence.