William J. Ludwig

Chief Executive Officer and President

Bill Ludwig has more than 35 years of successful domestic and international experience in all areas of executive management, engineering, and operations in complex organizations. His extensive background in business development, contract administration, corporate structuring and forming external business relationships has led him to establish the foundation for U.S. Science & Technology Corporation.

Prior to founding USST, Bill served as President and CEO of several agricultural and consumer-based product businesses including the Rice Growers Association in Sacramento, California. There, he designed and implemented strategies that improved the company’s operating performance, de-emphasized low-margin commodity sales and globally marketed value-added consumer products. As a result Bill developed extensive international trading, marketing and government relationships in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Guam. His career also includes positions of significant responsibility with large corporations such as Westinghouse Corp., Avon, Frito-Lay and Borden's.

Bill administered, oversaw and managed the construction of several multi-million dollar manufacturing facilities including a major production, distribution and traffic complex for a Fortune 100 company, a 600,000 sq. foot processing facility and two water treatment facilities. Bill guided all elements of environmental management including regulatory compliance, equipment design and site monitoring. Bill’s projects included environmental remediation where he administered the modernization and line upgrades of manufacturing facilities to meet sustainability requirements. He also assessed the feasibility of solar and primary power installations to improve the electricity rate structure of processing operations.

Bill has served on several public and community service advisory boards, including the Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Association, Pacific Rim Committee, Sacramento Private Industry Council, and the Connecticut Economic Development Commission.

Bill is a graduate of New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering. He also attended the Pratt Institute School of Engineering and Science and the Pace College of International Business. He was a decorated Army Infantry Officer in Vietnam and was honorably discharged as a first Lieutenant.

Nick Narsavidze

Chief Operating Officer

With extensive knowledge of company development and executive networking expertise, Nodari "Nick" Narsavidze has played an active role in forming and launching USST. Nick has been successful in cultivating and maintaining extensive professional relationships with international and domestic financial partners. His entrepreneurial background has led him to create unique business development opportunities throughout Eastern Europe and the United States through key industrial and political contacts.

Nick was born and raised in the Republic of Georgia. His understanding of cultural differences, business practices and ethics, plus his ability to speak four different languages (English, Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian), has contributed to his success in developing many international contracts. In 1999, Nick launched TNN International Inc., a firm focused on finding, researching, marketing and deploying new technologies, products and services between the United States and Eastern Europe.

In 2004, Nick’s company worked with MWH to introduce and develop a plasma project in Ukraine by working collaboratively with high ranking government officials. He also worked closely with the Ministry of the Environment and Protection Agency of Ukraine on developing technologies and technology transfers from the United States to solve environmental and ecological issues such as emissions and exhaust gases from metallurgical plants and other factories.

Nick received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the International Business Academy in the Republic of Georgia. He has certifications from APICS, the Educational Society for Resource Management and Basics of Supply Chain Management, and California State University Sacramento.

David E. Prinzing

Vice President, Chief Engineer

As chief engineer for USST, David Prinzing provides executive technological oversight, manages relationships with technology partners and communicates technical concepts to interested parties. David brings more than 20 years of diverse technology experience to USST, including combustion, chemical, nuclear and environmental engineering. He worked for many years as an engineering consultant, managing projects directly related to USST’s environmental initiatives.

Prior to joining USST, David worked as an engineering consultant with Foster Wheeler Environmental, becoming an expert in municipal solid waste as an energy resource. He also managed the Alternate Fuels Database for the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), which included a host of “opportunity fuels” such as various forms of biomass, agricultural residues and urban wastes.

In these positions, David conducted engineering assessments (including full-scale testing) of cofiring biomass with coal in various electric utility power plants. He evaluated the suitability of in-situ vitrification as a technology for remediating radioactive waste landfills. He contributed to Environmental Impact Statements for Integrated Gasification Combined-Cycle (IGCC) power plants and he conducted technical and financial due diligence studies for a variety of hazardous and medical waste projects for the California Pollution Control Finance Authority (CPCFA).

David is a registered Professional Engineer (PE), licensed in California and Washington. He has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Oregon State University and is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). David has published more than a dozen papers, given presentations at technical conferences and contributed to chapters in books such as the Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. He was a computer science professor, information technology practitioner and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Samuel L. Shull

Vice President, Strategic Development & Operations

As USST’s Vice President of Strategic Development & Operations, Samuel Shull champions the structuring and implementation of strategic alliances and project execution. Samuel closely works with the technical divisions of USST and its alliance partners to maximize the rate of return for real financial and technological opportunities.

Previously, Samuel was as a senior product manager at Biotronik Inc., a global provider of advanced medical implants. At Biotronik, he gained experience in marketing and evaluating business opportunities associated with innovative technologies. He also worked as a research and development engineer with Medtronic Inc., where he was awarded domestic and international patents.

Samuel brings finance, engineering and marketing expertise to USST, including experience working in highly regulated environments such as the medical device industry. Samuel also previously served in roles conducting due diligence related to plasma gasification and other emerging alternative energy technologies.

He also previously served as a business development associate for a hydrogen Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell start-up company in Sacramento, California. Samuel combined engineering systems and financial capital budgeting models to help optimize financial and technological decision-making for combined alternative energy systems.

Samuel has a master’s degree in finance and international management from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UC Davis College of Engineering.

Frank A. Bodie

Financial Consultant

Prior to working with USST, Frank Bodie was a senior partner at Coopers & Lybrand International (now PwC), a Big Four, international accounting and consulting firm. Frank was responsible for directing United States participation and operations for international business projects in Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. As a member of the firm’s board of directors, Frank provided oversight for the establishment and operations of C&L's start-up practice in Russia.

Earlier, Frank directed strategic planning initiatives for the Sacramento, California, office where he lead over 100 employees and achieved a 600 percent increase in annual revenue over a five-year period. Frank’s background with emerging technology firms such as Varatouch enhance his ability to develop the strategies and financial capabilities needed for USST’s success.

Throughout his career, Frank earned a CPA certification, a master’s degree from San Jose State University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration (accounting) from the University of California, Berkeley. Frank served in the United States Navy from 1963 to 1979 and served on several community organizations such as the Sacramento Symphony Association (President), the Advisory Council of California State University in Sacramento (Chairman) and the Accounting Advisory Council of the San Jose State University (Chairman). Frank currently serves on the board of directors for the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy.